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Honda Motor Co. made its name selling obsessively-engineered economy cars, but that’s only part of the story. Honda dreamed of racing victory. Then they made it happen. And then they brought what they’d learned to their road cars under an iconic red “R”. Join James Pumphrey as he meets the dreamers behind the NSX-R, the Civic Type R, and the Integra that changed the world’s perception of front-wheel-drive forever. This is the hidden history of Japan’s most influential badge, Honda Type R!

Huge thanks to Carl Pulley and all the fine folks at Acura, American Honda, Honda UK, and Honda Japan, we literally couldn’t have done this without you.

Props to Ryan Hailey for editing this episode. He's a really hilarious dude with the best “horse-in-space” voice in the biz. Here's a link to his channel: eetvs.info

Big ups to Raghav Arumugam for the animations. Dig his EEtvs channel for more: eetvs.info

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    • Shamed that it’s on kickstarter. I have been scammed by them and I won’t spend another penny with them. Let me know when its for sale somewhere else

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    • The three set combo of Phoenix Yellow, Championship White and Night Hawk black is what I will order!

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    • Silvias and Skyline Stockys! Would buy them all.

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    • Ae

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  • Didn’t Ford start all this with the 1993 svt cobra R

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  • Can I also add that Honda during the 80s revolutionized the V4 engine in motorcycles, which had only previously been available in the premium bikes such as the Ducati Panigale. They provided a powerful engine that was used in races, but simultaneously provided the VF500, a regular man’s racing machine.

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  • As much as I like the NSX TR the Skyline R32 was kicked out of competition in the JGTC for being too fast. The NSX TR was not. Still a beautiful and amazing car nonetheless.

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  • Great video!

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  • This is off topic, but still funny I think. My first job (1997 I think) was as a mechanic at a Honda dealership, I went to pick up a work order and in the shop I overheard an elderly man talking with his son. -See dad, these prices are appalling! I buy spares for a third of the price! That's why I drive a Volvo. -Well, the spare part prices doesn't concern me much, since I don't need them. That's why I drive a Honda. (I'm Swedish, guess Volvo parts are expensive in the US but they´re dirt cheap here)

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